BDD - Product Owners

Take control of product development by specifying your requirements for the software in the language of the businesS.

BDD for Product Owners

As a product owner you’re the one responsible for the success of the product and, for you, software development is all about the user. You don’t want to see the code; you want to see that the software works for the user in the way you intended.

Based on agile methods and behaviour driven development principles, Behave Pro seamlessly integrates into Jira, creating an intuitive interface that is easy for you to use.

User stories and related scenarios are developed in collaboration with the technical team; outlining what you need the software to do in different ‘real world’ situations and what the expected outcome or action should be.


Product owners meet face-to-face with developers and testers to define requirements and develop ‘real world’ user stories together.


Collate your user stories and related scenarios using Behave Pro as the central resource and single source of truth for everyone involved in the project.


Assign user stories to all relevant stakeholders in the project; allowing them to ask questions and vote on the acceptance of a user story, based on their understanding of the related, defined scenarios.

Prioritise & measure

Behave Pro's seamless integration with Jira makes it easy to:
  • Prioritise user stories, and re-prioritise again, with drag and drop functionality.
  • Add new scenarios to user stories to discover their true scope and find those EPICS pretending to be user stories.
  • Set key milestones and measure progress against these targets, helping you keep the project on track and on time.


Behave Pro's functionality helps you organise and automatically create documentation to support the development process. You have the flexibility to write scenarios on issues as they arise, define scenarios that can be implemented at a later date or even add tags to organise user stories/scenarios based on expected actions.


Behave Pro follows the well known Given, When, Then template. This makes it easy for you to capture the right information in a framework that is immediately understood by developers.

image-4 image-4


Behave Pro allows the technical team to effortlessly set up acceptance tests and integrate test automation, with traceability back to the original user story and scenarios. This allows them to definitively prove the software works in the way you intended, now and in the future.

BDD Training

Transitioning to behaviour driven development is much easier when you harness the expertise of real-world, experienced BDD practitioners. You can learn how to successfully use BDD techniques and Cucumber-JVM with our  2-day BDD training course.