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“When I worked in software development, I saw that — too often — projects were completed late and over budget and they didn’t deliver the required functionality. With experience in different teams in various companies, I could see this wasn’t an isolated phenomenon. The common factor behind all these failing projects was issues with their requirements, particularly rework caused by miscommunicated or misunderstood requirements.”

Alan Parkinson, Founder & CEO of Hindsight Software

As an agile coach Alan had been exposed to a technique called behaviour driven development (BDD), which proved extremely effective in solving the ‘requirements crisis’ that software projects were facing. BDD could bridge the communication gap between business people and the software development team, helping to eliminate the phrase “That’s not what I wanted” frequently heard in sprint demonstrations.

However, the tooling of the enterprise teams Alan was working with was becoming a barrier to successful BDD adoption. This got Alan thinking…

In 2012 Alan founded Hindsight and Behave Pro was born as a Jira app to support BDD. Fast forward to where we are now — we are still focused on trying to make it easier for everyone to experience the benefits of BDD

Alongside Behave Pro, we support agile teams by offering BDD training and coaching services and we have also developed a range of handy tools for teams to use within their BDD practice. We’d love to hear your BDD story, so please feel free to start a conversation with us at any time!


Meet the Hindsight team

Alan Profile pic

Alan Parkinson 

CEO & Founder

At work: I wear many hats within the organization, but having coached BDD for 8 years, I use my experience to steer the development of Behave Pro our BDD training services. Other roles include Head of Engineering, managing key partnerships, and nudging the company culture.

At home: Outside of work my main priority is family, and I seem to spend a lot of that time building railways for my children. My other passion is cooking; my signature dishes are pancetta, mushroom and chilli pizza, and slow roasted lamb shoulder.

At team lunch: I’m a fan of roulette chicken wings with the chance of getting an extra hot one. If I don’t want something so messy then chicken thighs with extra hot sauce and cooling super greens salad is my go-to order.

Rachel profile picture

Rachel Trew

COO & Head of Marketing

At work: I help to keep the overall business moving in the right direction by implementing the company vision. I also develop and manage our marketing strategy for our flagship product Behave Pro and ongoing feature launches, as well as our BDD training services.

At home: Family means a busy life, but we try to create pockets of calm — maybe watch a movie, play a game, or bake a cake. Holidays are mainly skiing and camping. I enjoy losing myself in a good book, going to the theatre, and running — partly for the challenge, partly for damage limitation!

At team lunch: My go-to order is a yummy medium-spice chicken wrap and chips, or maybe a slightly healthier side if I’m trying to be good…

George profile picture

George McCreadle

UI/UX Engineer

At work: I spend most of my time designing and building the UI of Behave Pro based on colleague and customer feedback, ensuring the user experience is as smooth and intuitive as possible. I also provide customers with support and raise any issues they may have with the rest of the team.

At home: I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, I’m often helping her take care of her magnificent (but slightly scary) horses. I also enjoy fixing things, so if it’s not code on one of my own projects, it’s something DIY related. I follow Liverpool F.C. which tends to keep Jack quiet on Mondays.

At team lunch: Butterfly burger, medium (hot if there’s milk on standby), along with creamy mash and corn on the cob.

Mark profile picture

Mark Winteringham

BDD Trainer & Expert

At work: My passion is helping people and I am fortunate that my role within Hindsight is focused directly on that goal. I am a BDD coach and trainer for teams who are looking to get the most out of the BDD approach. I run workshops and sit with teams to help them familiarise with BDD whilst learning about their context to give advice and guidance that can help teams go further.

At home: If I'm not spending time tinkering with code to develop new tools for testing then downtime for me usually involves either writing music and jamming with fellow musicians or getting a bit of cheeky video gaming in. However, I do like to get away from the screens by hiking. Preferably to a pub!

At team lunch: It has to be a half chicken hot with chips

Jack profile picture

Jack Brewster

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

At work: I implement and help to manage lead generation and nurturing campaigns for our products and services, including analysing how users engage with our content. I also work closely with our creative agency to help organize marketing assets for events and our BDD training course.

At home: I’m a huge Chelsea fan and love to go to matches when I can. I’m also very into music so if I’m not at a match you can find me at gigs. I try and replicate the songs as best I can on my Epiphone Dot guitar (although I’m sure it’s nowhere near as good - apologies to flat 58)!

At team lunch: Chicken wrap with peri-peri chips. If I’ve been to the gym that week I reward myself with halloumi sticks. If I haven’t been to the gym that week I console myself with halloumi sticks.

Matt profile picture

Matt Cooper

Junior Developer

At work: I tend to stick to on the server side of Behave Pro Cloud, crafting high quality code that runs smoothly for our customers. I build the behind the scenes functionality for all of our great new cloud features. I also jump in to support customers as well as debugging when necessary.

At home: I enjoy playing golf at Tollard Royal in Wiltshire, I play whenever I get the chance. I also enjoy researching & experimenting with AI systems as well as sailing. I’ve been sailing for about 6 years now and the best places to go are definitely Weymouth and Portland.

At team lunch: For me it’s all about unpacking that sweet potato and butternut wrap…and it’s got to be extra hot!

Matus profile picture

Matus Novak


At work: I mostly work on Behave Pro Server version, but sometimes on Cloud version too. I work closely with the backend — fixing bugs, implementing new features, and sometimes benchmarking Behave Pro to ensure customers are getting the best performance. I also help create internal tools and scripts used by my colleagues.

At home: I am a big fan of science fiction, and I enjoy watching movies and playing computer games. My time is also spent working on my own open source projects, or working with low level electronics.

At team lunch: Grilled chicken burger with skinny fries and lettuce plus a soft drink.


Proud to be a member of Pledge 1%

pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global corporate philanthropy movement that is creating a new normal in which the act of ‘giving back’ is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes. Spearheaded by Atlassian, Rally, Salesforce and Tides, Pledge 1% is already empowering over 1,500 companies in 40 countries to make a difference to charitable causes of their choice. We are proud to be a member of the Pledge 1% movement and have risen to the challenge to pledge 1% of our product and employee time to charitable causes.

“We are still a small company (especially by comparison to the likes of Atlassian, who is a partner of ours!) but this doesn’t mean we can’t start giving back to the community. Pledging 1% is achievable and the idea works well because the actual contributions will scale as we grow as a company,” comments Alan Parkinson, Founder and CEO of Hindsight Software.

Hindsight employees have a range of skills and interests on both a professional and personal level, and it’s exciting to support each other in donating our time to lend those skills where they can be of use. In terms of donating our product to charitable causes, we operate in a niche market, but many charities have in-house agile software development teams and our products can certainly be useful to them by helping them get software development right, first time. We offer a completely FREE Behave Pro license to registered charities and non-profits that are non-government, non-academic and non-commercial. Find out more


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