Hindsight Software is proud to have joined the corporate philanthropy movement Pledge 1%

We have pledged 1% of our time and product to charitable causes, and in support of this we are offering a completely FREE license for our hero tool Behave Pro to charities*.

Behave Pro for your in-house software delivery team

Behave Pro from Hindsight Software is an app for Atlassian Jira that enables software delivery teams to develop and test in a truly agile and collaborative way. It brings together behaviour driven development and maximises the value of testing through session-based exploratory testing and by driving automated acceptance tests.

The end result is timely delivery of successful agile software projects.

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*Charity (charities) refers to an organisation that is registered in the country where it resides as a registered non-profit organisation or registered charity, and should be non-government, non-academic and non-commercial in nature.