Behave Pro for Jira

Behaviour Driven development meets jira: Behave Pro helps product owners, developers and testers understand and agree Software requirements AND SPECIFICATIONS by discussing example behaviour.

Why Choose Behave Pro for Jira

  • BDD Specialists. Behave Pro has been developed for BDD practitioners by BDD practitioners, with years of experience applying BDD in the real world - and training others to do the same. Find out more about our BDD training services.

  • Encourages Collaboration. 

    Collate your user stories and related scenarios using Behave Pro as the central resource that everyone can access.

BDD - The Software Team

  • Provides an Editor for Everyone. Behave Pro's intuitive interface and easy to use editor allows the whole team to practice BDD - not just developers.

  • Facilitates Understanding. 

    Key features such as 'Questions' and 'Ready' encourage discussion and check that everyone involved in the project can clarify and understand user stories.

Behave Pro has a proven 99.99% SLA (SEE UPTIME STATUS) and is used on thousands of projects; including financial, medical and e-commerce.