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BDD for testers

As a tester, you want to confidently run user acceptance testing and prove the software works in the way the business intended. In practising BDD, with a seamless automated testing process you’ll spend less time playing ‘bug tennis’ with other stakeholders.

Instead, you’ll be able to spend more time on other testing methods that can add value as part of a smart testing strategy, such as exploratory testing which is often removed from the development timeline when deadlines are tight.

You’ll collaborate with other stakeholders to agree requirements by developing user stories and examples together, using language that everyone understands. You’ll be able to use your skills and knowledge to raise questions and share information during these conversations, revealing information about what we plan to build.

After the collaborative phase of BDD, testers can pair with developers during outside-in development to learn how a feature is being implemented technically. This provides feedback to the developer and also informs testing later on.

Choosing a BDD tool

Teams often look for a tool to support their BDD practice. For best results, look for one that securely integrates with your end-to-end toolchain, i.e. seamless integration with your agile project management tool, two-way real-time sync with your git repository and support for your favoured automated testing tools. A good BDD tool will become the team’s central resource and display the single source of truth for everyone involved in the project.

Behave Pro for testers

Considering Behave Pro for Jira as your BDD tool? Here are just some of the features that you’ll like the sound of:

  • Be confident that non-technical, business-focused stakeholders can use the familiar and intuitive interface

  • As living documentation, it’s easy to track and test as the project progresses or, for example, if a new release is required or there are regulatory changes

  • Built-in session-based test management features for exploratory testing

  • Extract feature files via export or Git integration, to create automated user testing in your chosen BDD framework – Cucumber, SpecFlow and Behat, for example; and set up regression testing to prove that existing software functionality has not been compromised by new updates



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