You’re just a quick email away from evaluating Behave Pro

If you require your Jira administrator to start the free evaluation and install Behave Pro for you, it’s very easy for them to do, either through UPM or from Atlassian Marketplace. The link for the Behave Pro listing on Atlassian Marketplace is:

Or, you can use the email template below which has all the information they need.


Hi there

Could you please add Behave Pro to Jira? It can be installed through UPM or from Atlassian Marketplace.

Behave Pro is the only BDD app that holds ‘Top Vendor’ status (formerly ‘Atlassian Verified’) on Atlassian Marketplace.

Hindsight’s BDD experts have been working with BDD for years, helping over 400 companies to get their agile software teams on the same page.

If you have any questions for the Hindsight team about this, please email them at and they’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards