BDD and Cucumber training for agile teams

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"That's not what I wanted..."

Adopting behaviour driven development (BDD) in agile software development teams helps avoid software requirements problems. With our 2-day course led by true BDD experts, you'll learn how to successfully implement BDD techniques and avoid common pitfalls, and how to use Cucumber-JVM for acceptance tests. 

OUr BDD training Course is for the whole agile team

  • 2-day training course at your location  makes it possible for all relevant stakeholders to attend - product owners, developers, testers, and anyone else who's involved in your agile projects
  • Incorporates a range of practical exercises, discussions and workshops based on understanding, application and analysis of BDD techniques
  • Use and take home unique materials that will really help with successful adoption of BDD

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"The training was particularly helpful to understand what BDD actually is, and its use for driving out questions through conversations and collaboration.  The initial drawing exercise was a great way to get started, and the handouts provided throughout will continue to be useful."

Susan Maslin, Test Team Lead at Radius Payment Solutions

93% of course attendees would definitely recommend this course to others

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Day 1

For everyone involved in the software development process who is interested in improving the product development lifecycle. Topics include:

Day 2

For developers and testers, with more of a technical focus to include using Cucumber-JVM. Topics include:

  • Using Cucumber-JVM
  • Imperative vs declarative steps
  • Glue code - working with front ends and back ends

Why Hindsight?

Not only practitioners of BDD themselves, the Hindsight team has been delivering BDD training for more than 5 years. 

This course has been developed by Alan Parkinson and Mark Winteringham from the Hindsight team and draws on their vast experience of applying BDD in large and small organizations. Alan has over 8 years' experience helping companies implement BDD, and Mark was voted joint 8th in Agile Testing Days 2017 list of most influential agile testing professional people.

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