Behave pro Features

From enterprise-level BDD collaboration to support for continuous delivery and agile testing.

Discover all the features of Behave Pro below.

scenario editor

  • Intuitive interface. With its powerful syntax highlighted Gherkin editor, it's easy for BDD novices to clarify user stories, and more experienced practitioners will save time.

  • Intelligent step completion. Recognising words as you type, Behave Pro reuses steps between different scenarios, creating consistent domain vocabulary.

  • Scenario outline detection. Intelligently switch from scenario to outline when you add an example table, even dynamically formatting the table to align columns and rows.

Atlassian verified-N800@2x-rgb

Atlassian verified-N800@2x-rgb

Shared understanding

  • Questions and ready. Everyone can ask questions to clarify the user story, and check the ‘ready’ button to confirm they understand. And you can search user story attributes with JQL, including the number of ‘ready’ votes or open questions.

  • Multiple languages. English, as well as over 24 other languages, are supported - from Arabic to Turkish - ensuring everyone in the team fully understands.

  • Changes. Behave Pro keeps track of who changed what in the scenarios, and email notifications let you know when colleagues make changes. 

Atlassian verified-N800@2x-rgb

Atlassian verified-N800@2x-rgb

Living documentation in jira


  • Requirements document. Once a user story is marked as complete, the carefully-crafted scenarios aren’t lost, as Behave Pro automatically groups them together by feature as a living document.

  • Traceability report. Generate a report between requirements and automated tests when strict compliance is required for projects in regulated industries.

  • Powerful search. Full text search and filtering of features and scenarios within the living requirements document allows teams to quickly locate important information.

continuous delivery and agile testing

  • Git integration. Scenario edits in ira are published directly to feature files, and feature file changes are synced to Jira - all in real time. Note that this feature is currently available for Jira Cloud users only, coming soon for Jira Server users who, for now, can continue to use easy import/export of scenarios and feature files. 

  • Support for BDD automation tools. Create automated acceptance tests from feature files using your chosen Gherkin-compatible tool (Cucumber, SpecFlow, Behat), with full requirements traceability.