Behave Pro Features

Behave Pro's intuitive User interface, easy to use editor and wide range of additional features allows anyone to practice BDD, not just developers. 

Behave Pro Features 

An editor for everyone

With an intuitive user interface and powerful Gherkin editor, Behave Pro can be used by any team member to clarify user stories. Advanced editor features, including automatic table formatting and scenario outline detection, support the BDD novice, while saving experienced BDD practitioners time. 


Automated Acceptance Tests

Scenarios from user stories stored in JIRA can also be automated as acceptance tests. Behave Pro supports exporting BDD scenarios to the leading open source test automation tools: Cucumber, SpecFlow, and Behat. The export contains additional generated metadata required by regulatory projects for requirements traceability.

Collaboration is key


Behave Pro has intuitive "Ready" and "Questions" functionality bringing the discussion to your user stories. By using questions, you can clarify your user stories and mark them as ready when everybody is happy with the scenarios.


Collaborate online or ofFline

Product owners, developers and testers describe what the software should do by talking through example behaviour. What better place to have this discussion than HipChat? At a glance, see any user stories with open questions and discuss them in chat.


Additional features

  • Notifications. Where would team collaboration be without notifications? Receive emails when changes are made by colleagues. 

  • JQL Search.Using JQL you can search by user story attributes, including the number of ready votes and open questions.

  • Importing.Import your existing Cucumber, SpecFlow or Behat feature files into Behave Pro.

  • Smart Editor. Built in Gherkin editor with syntax highlighting and keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Tags. Add tags to your BDD features and scenarios to organise them into lightweight agile documentation.

  • Code Complete. Intelligent suggestion and autocompletion of steps as you type.

  • Scenario or Outline? You don’t have to tell Behave Pro if you're using a scenario or outline; it will automatically detect it for you. It will even help with formatting of the examples table for readability.
  • Build Time Export. Exporting feature files to the automation tools can be done at build time - using a wide range of plugins.

  • Traceability Report. Generate a traceability report between requirements and automated tests; handy if you have strict compliance requirements.

  • Test Metadata. Scenarios are exported with Issue traceability, status and meta data, allowing you to control which automated tests are executed.

  • Supports 25 languages. Scenarios can be written in a variety of languages ranging from Arabic to Turkish.