BDD - Testers

clarify and agree user stories from the start of a project, and as it progresses. ConFIdently run user acceptance testing and prove the software works in the way it was intended. 

BDD for Testers

Testers can clarify and agree user stories from the start of the project, and as it progresses, spending less time on the back and forth nature of ‘bug’ testing at the end of a project. More time can be spent on proactive testing methods that aren’t always included in the development process when a deadline is fast approaching.

Based on agile methods and behaviour driven development (BDD) principles, Behave Pro is seamlessly integrated into Jira, creating a familiar and intuitive interface that is easy for all stakeholders to use.


All stakeholders collaborate together to set specifications through the development of user stories and scenarios, creating a central resource that is a single source of truth for everyone involved in the project.


The Given, When, Then template helps stakeholders communicate in a format understood by all and can be easily exported into the testing environment.


Behave Pro enables you to extract .feature files, allowing you to create automated user testing in your chosen BDD framework -  Cucumber, SpecFlow and Behat, for example. Regression testing can be easily set up to prove that existing software functionality has not been compromised by new updates.


Specification by example, and a seamless automated testing process, means that less time is spent playing ‘bug tennis’ back and forth with other stakeholders. You can focus your time on methods such as exploratory testing, which is often removed from the development timeline when deadlines are tight.


Behave Pro automatically generates tags which trace back to the original user story and scenarios. Filter which tests to develop against using tags on scenarios, issue keys, reporters or assignees for scenarios attached to Jira issues. Scenarios can be marked as manual, preventing them from being run as part of an automated test suite.


Software development rarely stands still; it is always evolving. Behave Pro works as living documentation so you can track and test as the project progresses, a new release is required or regulatory changes occur, for example.

BDD & Cucumber-JVM Training

Transitioning to behaviour driven development is much easier when you harness the expertise of real-world, experienced BDD practitioners. You can learn how to successfully use BDD techniques and Cucumber-JVM with our  2-day BDD training course.