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See how Behave Pro for Jira can help teams with BDD and agile testing.

BDD training

Transitioning to BDD is much easier when you harness the expertise of real-world, experienced BDD practitioners.

Learn how to successfully use BDD techniques and Cucumber-JVM with this 2-day course.

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truly agile

Behave Pro for Jira integrates BDD and exploratory testing for truly agile software testing and development.

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Businesses we have worked with


Something for everyone

Using Agile methods and BDD principles, product owners, developers and testers can work together to bridge the expectations gap between business requirements and software development.


Hindsight BDD Product Owner
Take control of product development by specifying requirements for your software in the language of the business


Hindsight BDD Tester
Prove the software works in the way it was intended by clarifying user stories from the start of the project - and as it evolves.

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Hindsight BDD Software Developer
Integrate specification by example into your development process and make sure implementation is right, first time.

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"The real goal of using stories is shared understanding."
Jeff Patton

Behave Pro for Jira

Seamlessly integrated into JIRA, Behave Pro’s familiar and intuitive interface can be easily used TO Write great user stories the whole team can understand.


Simple and intuitive workflow helps you write specifications, discuss user stories and run test automation with ease.



Behave Pro is easily scalable based on user numbers or location, with uptime availability of 99.99%.

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Take OUR BDD challenge

Remember the last time you wrote down directions for somebody? Did they make it to their destination on time?  not always, as people interpret things differently when working under pressure.
We use our five-minute BDD challenge during training workshops to demonstrate how the use of Behaviour Driven Development principals can help clarify software requirements from the start - rather than leaving development open to assumptions. Watch our video and take the challenge.