Discovery cards


Created to guide the team to ask the right questions, discover scenarios and reach shared understanding. 

“Having the conversation is more important than capturing the conversation is more important than automating the conversation.” Liz Keogh

Discovery cards

Conversation is the most important aspect of behaviour driven development.

BDD isn't about creating files for testing, and it's not about automation. It is about conversations and shared understanding.

These discovery cards can be useful if the conversation is struggling or if you want to dig deeper.

From kickstarting the conversation using 5Ws and 1H, to keeping the conversation flowing by injecting uncertainty, to discovering what you’re missing using the active voice, there are 9 questioning techniques here that will help the team discover scenarios, reach shared understanding and avoid ambiguous requirements.


Simply put these discovery cards on the table during your user story conversations.

Download the instruction card and question cards below.


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