Writing steps just got easier


In Behave Pro Server 1.2 we’ve added intelligent step completion to make reusing steps across scenarios and features incredibly easy. This marks the first phase of feature parity across our Jira Server and Jira Cloud product offerings complete. In this release we’ve also added the ability to disable Behave Pro features on a per issue type basis, for those issue types where viewing the Acceptance Criteria isn’t necessary.

Step Completion

We’ve made writing scenario steps even easier! Our step completion provides a friendly way to reuse steps that you’ve previously written elsewhere in other scenarios within the same project. Simply begin typing your step in our editor, and Behave Pro will list suggestions that best fit based on what you’ve already typed. You can even use step completion on the Gherkin Given, When, Then keywords! 

Hindsight acceptance criteria screenshot

Disable Issue Types

We understand that it’s not always applicable to have Behave Pro visible on all issue types, for example Support issues when using Service Desk. We’ve just added the ability to choose which issue types are enabled and disabled right from the Manage Behave Pro page.

Hindsight Manage Behave Pro screenshot

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