STORYFLOW for Stash wins "Best Stash add-on"


Atlassian's annual Codegeist competition returned for the seventh time this year. After having won the prize for the best marketplace paid add-on in 2012 with Behave for Jira, we were excited to get involved again this year and came in on a Saturday for a ShipIt day over beer and pizza.

A ShipIt day is an idea that we borrowed from Atlassian, it is a 24-hour hackathon during which developers have the opportunity to make tools and products which are useful but not business essential. We decided to develop something that we were originally going to keep to ourselves; to scratch our own itch, but thought what better time to band together and develop this add-on than on a ShipIt day. In our development process we use feature branches; creating a branch for each Jira issue. Our itch was that sometimes we forgot to update the status on the issue, therefore causing confusion at times about what had been completed and what was integrated in the next release. We came up with the idea of creating something that will automatically transition these issues when we merge our feature branches.

Storyflow for Stash automatically transitions Jira issues when pull requests are opened, declined or merged. The add-on extends the Stash-Jira integration further by automatically creating remote issue links to pull requests in Jira issues when the issue is referenced in the pull request. Finally, issue watchers can be mapped to Stash users and Storyflow will automatically designate them as pull request reviewers.

After 24 hours of intense programming, Storyflow for Stash was ready to be unveiled and we are thrilled to announce that it won the prize for "Best Stash add-on". Along with treating ourselves to a celebratory ice cream, we won some money, which we will be using to treat the team and attend the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco in October.

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