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Back in December, before we left for the seasonal holidays and the New Year, we ran a ShipIt day. A ShipIt day is a great chance for everyone at Hindsight to work on anything that relates to our products or customers and deliver it in 24 hours. Past ShipIt's at Hindsight have created some great ideas

Based on a recently handled support ticket and customer request, I chose to add support to Behave Pro for writing scenarios in different languages. After a tough 24 hours I was able to demonstrate writing and exporting scenarios in French. The demonstration was so successful we then incorporated it into Behave Pro and after an additional week of polishing and testing another 24 languages were added. All Behave Pro Cloud customers now have access to theses additional languages and it will be shipping in the next Behave Pro server release.  

Hindsight Bebave Pro project configuration screenshot

Hindsight Bebave Pro project configuration screenshot

Language support is configured at the project level with the Behave Pro configuration page. It isn't possible to specify a language on a per scenario basis. The supported languages range from Arabic to Turkish, but if we have missed a language you need then please let us know. 

While the functionality originally written in the 24 hours of ShipIt couldn't be released on it's own, the major innovation and technology problems had been solved. As a product team we achieved a quick win from ShipIt as we had a whole feature that we could ship quickly. 

What could your team produce in 24 hours? It's fun and you could uncover some major innovation. So why not run your own ShipIt day. 

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