'Questions' and 'Ready' for Behave Pro Server


Last week we released version 1.4 of Behave Pro for Jira Server, featuring ‘Questions’ and ‘Ready’, forming a new lightweight agile approval system.

Is this user story ready?

Not all organisations have a colocated team, so meeting face-to-face to discuss a user story and create the scenarios isn't always possible. Even if you do meet face-to-face, further questions often pop into your head right after you walk away. To support these situations we've added ‘Questions’ and ‘Ready’ with the following helpful features:

  • Team members can vote a user story as 'Ready' using a simple button similar to the Facebook 'Like' concept.

  • Teams can ask questions about a user story or issue, with the question staying open until it is explicitly marked as resolved by the team member who asked it.

  • Jira Workflow transition conditions are included for the 'Ready' and 'Question' states, to control when issues can be transitioned.

Why not give it a try?

Check out the documentation for further information.

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