Want a 1-year industry placement as a Software Developer?


Learning and education is important at Hindsight, it’s actually built into our company values, so every year we offer students studying at Degree level the opportunity to join our software development team for a year. Applications for July 2020 are now open and many successful placement students have gone on to join the team as graduates.

The role

Job title: Junior Software Developer - 1-year industry placement
Salary: £18,500
Location: Epsom, Surrey (UK)
Highlights: Mental health assistance program, mentoring and travel opportunities

Being a small technology company with a start-up culture you’ll get to work with cutting edge technologies, have a variety of career opportunities and be part of a development team that is doubling in size every 18 months.

This role is ideal for someone who is passionate about software development, and wants to write quality code. Our stack of AWS, NodeJS, Typescript, MongoDB, React and Redux provides a variety of learning opportunities and challenges, while being backed with mentoring from senior staff. Day to day work will involve developing new product features, maintaining existing features, deploying them to production and helping customers adopt them.

All staff have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally for conferences, training courses, and “App Weeks” with our partner Atlassian. Recent travel opportunities have included Las Vegas, Berlin, San Diego, Austin, Washington DC, and Barcelona.

A core company value at Hindsight is 'Work as a team, with balance and no ego,' this means we take people's well-being seriously. Unlike many large corporates and unicorn-startups we don’t expect people to work overtime every day, in fact, overtime rarely occurs at all. Our commitment to support you goes further, and while we hope you don’t have to use it, everyone has access to a Mental Health assistance service with mental health first aiders on site.

Long, tedious commutes do not provide the basis for a good work/life balance, this is why we have chosen to base our office in Epsom, Surrey rather than London. This locality provides good travel links to London, for those who want to access city life, and the beautiful Surrey Hills is on our doorstep for those who have an outdoors mindset. Accommodation in the area is affordable, with student and young professional options being readily available due to the local college, hospital and University of Creative Arts.

We are interested in people who can work as part of a team, interact with customers and bring value to our team, but don’t want to coast through life. At Hindsight, we strongly believe in work-life balance, therefore we are looking for someone who can switch-off at the end of the working day.

How to apply

If you would like to join our team, please fill in the application form, but before you do here is a tip about applying. CVs can be a little boring (especially if we’re reading lots of them!), please use the letter as your opportunity to stand out from the rest and tell us why you’re the best person to join our team in this role. We feel academic results aren’t a good indicator of ability; so we want to hear about what drives your passion for software development when you apply for this role.

Notes: We can only expect applicants who already have the right to work in the UK.