Helpful in Hindsight No.3


This weeks Helpful in Hindsight articles focus on Continuing Professional Development. Part of building your career in Testing is developing your skills, knowledge of the current trends, as well as the understanding the business case for testing.

Move to Automated Testing

Alister Scott, over at WatirMelon, discusses how manual testers can to prepare themselves for Automated Testing.He suggests learning Ruby, to develop testing skills, learning Watir as a starting point for Automated Testing, and learning Cucumber if you want to get started with BDD. He also lists some resources to get that can support your learning.

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Know Your Business Case

Candyce Edelen, CEO of PropelGrowth, gives a useful business case for improving QA and implementing Automated Testing. Her approach is different from many of the business cases for Testing, and it is pitched at a strategic level. The business case is aimed at those developing trading systems in the financial market, but is applicable to all industries. If you need business case that your manager has not heard before, this is the contains all the arguments you need.

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If you want to understand more about contemporary challenges and weaknesses in Testing, there are 2 useful studies for you to read.
The State of Testing Survey 2013 collected over 600 responses from across the globe. It looks at Testing and Development Practices, Testers Professional Profiles, Testing Challenges and Predictions for the Future.It has some very interesting facts that you can use to demonstrate your knowledge of the Testing Industry - for example, only 11% of those surveyed used BDD, whilst 78% are using some form of Agile Development model.

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National Instruments has published their Automated Test Outlook 2014. They collected information from over 35,000 companies, and used both quantitative and qualitative data to identify some key trends. Nation Instruments suggests that "Engineers and managers can use the report... to take advantage of the latest strategies and best practices for optimizing any test organization".

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The Helpful in Hindsight series is designed to be a resource library, where people can access Best Practice advice and useful hints & tips about Testing, from recognised industry experts.

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