Free Persona & Role cards with Behave Pro


To celebrate the release of Session-based Exploratory Testing features in Behave Pro for Jira Server version, which were already available in Cloud version, we want to share with you a useful extra tool that we created when you start an evaluation of Behave Pro before Atlassian Summit

Persona & Role Cards

Whether you want to create new test ideas for your exploratory test sessions, or you're a product owner and want to make sure a User Story adds value to all relevant users, using personas and roles is something that we've found beneficial. So we created these neat cards packs and want to share them with Behave Pro users!  Find out more

Exploratory testing in Jira made easy

Exploratory testing is an effective technique for testing user stories and complements test automation well.  Behave Pro now features Session-based Test Management (SBTM) for planning, tracking and reporting exploratory testing activities within Jira. Read more

Don't forget

In order to get your FREE Persona & Role cards you need to get started with your Behave Pro trial between 31 August and 11 September 2017. We'll contact you by email within a few days of starting your trial to get your mailing details.

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