Forwood Safety implements BDD and reduces rework


Customer: Forwood Safety

Forwood Safety is an innovative and dynamic organization with HQ in Brisbane, Austrailia, specializing in online management systems for high-risk industries to assist fatality prevention. With over 1500 companies, contractor organizations and industry bodies across 5 continents using their online safety, training and management services, Forwood is proud of its 15-year history delivering cutting-edge technology to customer sites.

“Behave Pro has become one of the backbones of our product development process.

Behave Pro has become one of the backbones of our product development process. The integration with Jira is great and allows us to be very efficient in the application of BDD.
— Thorsten Scholz, CTO, Forwood Safety


  • 30% of work not delivered in time

  • Requirement for measurable acceptance criteria (AC) for every improvement ticket

  • Had to provide fully integrated workflow with Jira issues


  • Adopting BDD with Behave Pro, natively integrated in Atlassian Jira

  • Focus on innovative methods to support testing efforts

  • Clarity of minimum standards among the whole team

  • Efficient and scalable application of BDD within Jira


  • Reduction in rework due to misinterpretation of AC

  • Improvement in software delivery timescales

  • Increased confidence of development team

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