Behave Pro integration for Hipchat to be discontinued


A few years ago Hindsight launched the Behave Pro integration with Hipchat, available for customers of Behave Pro using Atlassian Jira Cloud. Last week Atlassian announced their new strategic partnership with Slack, which has led to their decision to discontinue all their real-time communications products. This includes Hipchat Cloud, which has been given an end of life date of 15 February 2019.

Changes to the Hipchat integration

There are no plans for Atlassian to migrate Hipchat apps to the Slack platform and, based on active installations of the Hipchat integration by Behave Pro for Jira customers, we have decided not to plan for a replacement app for the Slack platform for when Hipchat reaches end of life.

Our engineering team has been working hard over recent months to develop our newly released Git integration for Behave Pro for Jira and will continue to focus development time into Behave Pro for Jira features that will have the biggest positive impact for our customers in their BDD practice.

How this affects Behave Pro customers

Effective immediately, we have disabled new installations of the Hipchat integration for Behave Pro, and we will discontinue this Hipchat integration completely in early September.

  • Behave Pro for Hipchat - end of life 7 September 2018

Note that this does not affect the Behave Pro for Jira app in any way, which will continue to be developed in earnest as part of our quest to make it as easy as possible for agile teams to practice BDD and create great software products.

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