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Optimizing for Data Center customers

Always motivated to resolve real-world customer problems, the team was determined to optimize the experience of customers using Jira Data Center and Behave Pro at a massive scale. Taking several seconds to load a requirements page with Jira and an Oracle Database just wasn’t good enough. 

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The latest release of Behave Pro Server version has been optimized to handle large instances, through a redesign of data indexing as well as how data is queried from the database. While results will always depend on what hardware Jira is hosted on, in our testing we used 9 million scenarios alongside 1 million issues and 1,500 projects; before the changes this would have taken 30 seconds just for the scenarios to load, and now it takes less than 0.05 seconds. 

Other improvements have been made to the session-based test management tooling of Behave Pro so that now, from a database of 1 million test sessions, it takes just 1-2 seconds to load an entire Test Session page which includes activities, report, summary etc.

How to enable the improvements

Some of the performance improvements will be enabled just by installing the new Behave Pro version, but others require a little work by the administrators. Full details of the steps are available in our upgrade notes.

Find version release notes here

As always, you can find support resources here


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