Behave Pro Cloud pricing changes

Atlassian has announced its future pricing strategy for Atlassian Cloud, effective Monday 31 July 2017, with the goal of continuing to invest in their products to provide powerful tools that enable better team collaboration. 

This new Atlassian cloud pricing strategy includes switching from a tier-based model to a per-user model and will affect monthly cloud customers of Jira and Confluence. This means that Marketplace add-ons for these products will also be switching to the new model as they are aligned to the parent product, so this change affects customers of Behave Pro Cloud.

New Atlassian pricing strategy

Monthly pricing for Altlassian cloud products and Marketplace add-ons used to be based on a tier, where a maximum number of users could be added onto the customer’s account before pricing would change. Now, in order to allow customers to more easily add and remove users as needed, Atlassian will be shifting all monthly Jira and Confluence cloud customers with more than 10 users to per-user pricing that is based on the actual number of registered users in the account. 

The new monthly pricing strategy retains the existing 10-user tier at a flat monthly rate. Above 10 users, monthly customers will be billed a monthly rate per user, with progressive discounting above 100 users. Here's how it will work:

Pricing B-01-01
Atlassian has provided a pricing calculator to estimate your new monthly bill. After estimating this, if you are interested in lowering it then Atlassian has provided some advice around checking which users are aren’t using your Atlassian cloud products so you can consider deactivating them.

New Behave Pro cloud pricing

It is really important to the Hindsight team to do the absolute best we can for our current customers - it’s our first company value. Rest assured that we do not see this as an opportunity to squeeze out a few more dollars here and there. We have made sure we keep your monthly bill as close as possible to what you are currently paying. 

However, inevitably when moving from a 7-tier model to just 4 bands of per-user pricing, there are some customers who will benefit slightly, and others who may get stung a little.  That second bit is something we’re not too happy about, but we’ve done our best to minimise the impact. Here’s our new Behave Pro Cloud pricing: 

Pricing B-01-01

 Overall, the new Behave Pro Cloud pricing is hovering around 50% of the new Jira Software pricing for over 90% of our current customers, whereas previously our pricing was around two thirds of Jira Software pricing. These prices are due to go live on Monday 31 July 2017, so will be reflected on your first renewal on or after this date.

As well as being excited for Atlassian to be able to continue to invest in their products, we think it’s great that some smaller businesses who are a bit more price sensitive might now find it easier to access Marketplace add-ons such as Behave Pro Cloud, thanks to the new Atlassian per-user cloud pricing strategy.

If you have any further queries on the new Behave Pro Cloud pricing, please contact us