How to successfully transition to BDD


At its core, behaviour driven development (BDD) has some simple concepts, so it's really easy to pick it up and start implementing BDD. However, the problem is that you can then fall into some common anti-patterns  and you only discover this 18 months after you have started using BDD, once the whole process has become painful.

BDD training is for the whole team

Learning how to successfully implement behaviour driven development techniques and avoid common pitfalls is important for the whole agile team. We’ve recently updated our BDD & Cucumber training course, making sure it’s accessible and relevant to everyone - so that the benefits of product owners, developers and testers all attending will combine to make the team more effective in delivering quality products. 

Developed and delivered by people with experience

In case you missed it, Hindsight is privileged to have Mark Winteringham on board since mid-September, aka @2bittester and well known on the conference circuit for his talks and workshops. Together with Alan Parkinson, Hindsight founder, they’ve updated the course to draw on their vast experience of applying BDD in both large and small organizations. 

Mark, who was also ranked joint 8th in Agile Testing Days 2017 list of most influential agile testing professionals, will deliver the course on site at the customer’s premises. This means that the whole agile team can really tap into his experience of successfully implementing testing strategies focused on BDD, and especially his insight into how not to use BDD. 

Find out more about the Hindsight BDD & Cucumber training course. 

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