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Hindsight Software is pleased to have been awarded Atlassian Verified* vendor status for our range of apps for behaviour driven development (BDD) available on the Atlassian Marketplace, including our hero tool Behave Pro for Jira.

Atlassian Verified vendor

Atlassian Verified

Atlassian sets strict benchmarks before awarding Verified status to vendors of paid-via-Atlassian apps.  

  • App traction - apps must be installed in a minimum number of active products for vendor to be eligible.

  • Timely support - vendor must adhere to SLAs, provide support websites, offer business hours support and also emergency support.

  • Vendor reliability - vendor must consistently ensure great customer value. 

BDD is still a relatively niche field in the agile community, and we're proud to have gained a level of traction with our product range that reflects how the application of BDD principles is growing. 

What this means for our customers

We know that customers want to buy apps with full confidence that they're going to work for the purpose intended, that they won't let you down, and that vendor support is always there as a safety net.  This is something that we've always valued and focused on, so in that sense our existing customers won't notice any change  - we'll continue to put these factors at the heart of what we do. 

But we are also aware that for some organizations, Atlassian Verified status is really important in order to get an Atlassian Marketplace add-on considered for implementation. We look forward to starting up new relationships and we're always on hand to answer any queries  - being BDD  practitioners ourselves, we're all about talking!

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*As of 11 October 2018 Atlassian has renamed "Atlassian Verified" to "Top Vendor" to better represent the program requirements and simplify branding for their customers.  The requirements have not changed, only the name. Further information can be found on the Atlassian Top Vendor page


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