And the winner of our Agile2017 conference pass competition is...


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Thorsten Scholz is the lucky winner of our recent competition to win a full conference pass and will be heading to sunny Florida in August to attend Agile2017.

There were many entries with clever responses to the deciding question, but Thorsten’s answer really stood out for us - captured in 49 words!

Given I am a Product Owner
When I see "Hindsight" at "Agile2017"
And I see "Travel to the USA"
Then I want to go
And I get excited to meet the "Hindsight" team
And I want to <do>


| do                            |
| "have fun"                    |
| "chat with other POs"         |
| "promote Hindsight BehavePro" |

Thorsten lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and 2 teenage boys. As Chief Technology Officer for Forwood Safety, an integrated solution provider focusing on safety and operational risk, he is passionate about supporting the company’s goal of preventing workplace fatalities in high-risk industries. Thorsten leads a team of IT professionals and recognises the value of Behaviour Driven Development in Agile software development:

"When building SaaS solutions to prevent fatalities quality is all that matters. Running our remote Scrum teams in the JIRA cloud with full integration to Behave Pro from Hindsight was a natural fit. It gives me the confidence as a product owner that our Agile production process is delivering measurable results. And the team can trust that their work matters and will be accepted. Integrating behaviour driven development into Agile is a key factor to achieve high quality output."

Some other great entries that deserve a special mention were:

This conference meets my ACCEPTANCE CRIERIA to improve my FRAMEWORK to become more of an EPIC BA as my USER ROLE would feel CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION into the AGILE MANIFESTO. I would pack LEAN so as not to cause a BOTTLENECK so I can SPRINT through the BACKLOG to reach VELOCITY!
— Marinos Panayi (@Maz_Panayi)
A Haiku to Agile:
Project’s.. immobile!
To Orlando! Learn Agile!
Done, delivered!.. smile.
— Lynda Leung (@ninjagirl1967)

Team Hindsight looks forward to meeting Thorsten very soon in Orlando!

Hindsight team illustration

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