Agile 2017: an opportunity to learn


This event has already taken place, but please visit our News page for details of any upcoming events that we are hosting or sponsoring.


As part of our philosophy at Hindsight we only sponsor conferences that we enjoy attending, and with active attendees, so Hindsight will be returning to Agile as a sponsor in 2017. We are also running a competition with a prize of a free ticket to Agile2017.

The programme for this year’s Agile conference has already been published, and it’s always exciting to have a look and start thinking about which presentations I intend to go to. I will flit between various tracks - Agile Companies, Coaching & Mentoring, Collaboration Culture & Teams, Customers & Products, Development Practices and Craftmanship, Enterprise Agile, Testing & Quality, User Experience - fully confident that I’m going to get some great insights from these talks and workshops.

Monday, August 7th


The Things We Don't Say: How Biased Language Crafts Culture (Ash Coleman)

As part of our own flexible working initiative, we’ve been focused on how language within job descriptions has an impact on recruitment and attracting the right kind of job applicants. This talk will hopefully provide additional insights into our current work on language.


7 Sources of Waste in Automated Testing and How To Avoid Them (Jonathan Rasmusson)

Creating maintainable and cost-effective test automation has always been tricky, and is a subject close to our hearts at Hindsight. Having previously spoken about this topic, it is always interesting to see other people’s insights and explore the concept from a different viewpoint.


Hello? Is there anyone there? How to engage with distributed teams (Samantha Laing, Karen Greaves)

Having seen Samantha and Karen speak at Agile Testing Days, we already know this will be a good session. Considering it’s on the tricky subject of distributed teams it means this topic is a must-see for us, as distributed teams and engagement is an area we want to improve on as we expand in size.

Tuesday, August 8th


Faking It - Design Tips for the Non Designer (Emma Carter)

In the last year design and UX has become increasingly important to us, as we develop new features for our tools but without having a dedicated designer. What we have is one or two developers who are good with Photoshop, so any tips for the improving the skills of the non-designers will be invaluable.


As with any conference, there is always a clash between talks and I’ve already made some tough decisions, but here I’m struggling to decide between these two:

Agile UX with Lego (Samantha Laing, Angie Doyle)

Abuser Stories: Think Like the Bad Guy and Pull Security Forward (Judy Neher)

As noted in my above selection of Emma Carter’s “Faking it” talk, UX is a really important subject within Hindsight, and using Lego to see how it can be fitted within an Agile process will be useful. But, on the other hand, as a cloud company we take security seriously so there are likely to be some gems within Judy Neher’s talk. To be decided…

Wednesday, August 9th


Building Agility into regulated mobile software testing projects (JeanAnn Harrison)

Having personally worked on safety-critical applications and, as a company, helped many teams apply BDD within the regulated industries (particularly medical), it’ll be good to get a view on the obstacles and insights in this session.


Hire Great People for Agile Teams using Interview Games (Jason Tice)

We love games. Interviewing is hard so using games to interview people = brilliant! Not much more I need to say.


Develop Better Products by Understanding Jobs-to-be-Done (Ozlem Yuce)

Jobs to be Done (JTBD) is a subject we have been investigating recently as User Stories don’t quite cut it. We’ve found some useful Intercoms blog posts on the subject, but we hope this session will take our understanding further. Having previously seen Ozlem speak on Cost of Delay, we know that this workshop will be good.

Thursday, August 10th


The Build That Cried Broken: Building Trust in Your Continuous Integration Tests (Angie Jones)

We’ve seen broken builds be a problem for a number of clients. It’s always good to keep a look out for new concepts that will help.


The 3 hour Tour: Designing Workshops That Avoid a Stay on Gilligan’s Island (Billie Schuttpelz, Melody Yale)

We run a number of workshops and a chance to improve how we run them is a must.


When Worlds Collide: Regulatory Compliance meets Lean-Agile Development (Stephen Mayner, Harry Koehnemann)

Regulatory compliance: not a fun topic, but we’ve worked hard to apply BDD within this area so it’s definitely worth learning from others’ experience in this subject.

That’ll keep me quite busy, and the rest of the time you can find me at the Hindsight booth, or reach me on Twitter @alan_parkinson if you want to meet up.

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