Agile 2018 workshop


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Workshop at Agile2018

We will be running a workshop at Agile 2018 in San Diego on Thursday, August 9th from 9:00am-10:15am.

The workshop, titled "Role playing for testers: Expand your testing with personas and roles" will be led by Hindsight's agile testing evangelist, Mark Winteringham, along with our CEO and Co-Founder, Alan Parkinson. Read more below.

Expand your testing with personas and roles

Exploratory testing is an awesome approach to learn about our products and discover unwanted side effects. But, even the best exploratory testers can end up in a rut, falling into the same old testing patterns. It’s important to mix things up during your exploratory testing sessions and one way is role-playing as different users during our testing. Role-playing can help you discover new ways of testing and uncover new information, using personas and roles to put you in someone else's shoes.

But how do we create these personas and roles in the first place, in a way that is useful to us?

In this workshop, you'll learn not just what personas and roles are and how they can be used for role play in exploratory testing, but also the skills to create your own personas and roles, specific to your product's context. Hands-on activities will get you generating personas and roles, before trying them out in a role-playing exercise.

So whether you are new to exploratory testing or a regular practitioner, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a fun and active workshop. We'll be giving out packs of our persona and role cards at the workshop, so you'll leave with unique tools and new ways to explore and learn.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the differences between personas and roles

  • Describe how to use personas correctly, and how they can go wrong

  • Break down various resources to discover and record new personas and roles

  • How to use personas and roles to discover users for role-playing during exploratory testing

We look forward to seeing you in August! Find out more about the Agile2018 program schedule here.

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