A new look for Behave Pro


Hindsight's aim to solve the requirements crisis through BDD began in 2012, and since then we've been continuously innovating to enable your team to write better requirements.

Many Jira add-ons don't actually sit within your browser with a native Jira look and feel, which we believe provides a rather unintuitive experience. On the other hand, we use best practices established by Jira to make Behave Pro as friendly to all members of your team - stakeholders, developers, and testers included.

We're excited to share the refreshed look with you!

The grid view:

Out with the sidebar and in with the grid; we're making more valuable information available at a glance. Now you can see all your features with the scenario count available on each feature and the associated tags.

Behave Pro gird view screenshot

The name and icon:

We have renamed the "Specifications" page to "Requirements", you can find it by clicking the fancy new icon.

Requirements Icon screenshot

The feature view:

We've re-worked our feature view from the ground up, removing the clutter and bringing into view more valuable information. The scenario actions are much more accessible than before and the scenario information is organized neatly on the right, freeing up space for the scenario name.

Behave Pro feature view screenshot

Plus, there have been lots of other small changes to improve usability. We hope you like the new design and we welcome all feedback - just drop us a message here to let us know your thoughts or ask us a question.

Hindsight team illustration

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