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Behave Pro offers great value for your agile team — just one plan with all features included. Free 30-day evaluation and easy installation through Atlassian Marketplace.

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Jira Cloud
Jira Server
  • Tiered pricing

  • Perpetual license

  • Maintenance included in the first year

  • Self-hosted behind your firewall

Jira Data Center
  • Tiered pricing

  • Annual subscription

  • For large scale self-hosted instances

  • Data Center approved app

Behave Pro licences are purchased at the same user level as the host product, Atlassian Jira, and the app needs to be licensed for each instance of Jira required.

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 Agile teams using Behave Pro to support BDD drive down the amount of time and money spent on avoidable rework.

Development time, less rework with BDD, too much rework without BDD
Example calculated as follows: average team member salary $100,000 x employee overhead ratio 2.3 x 7 member in a scrum team x 30% team time spent on rework caused by requirements problems ÷ 12 months = cost of avoidable rework $40,250 per month.

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See how Jira becomes the single source of truth with Behave Pro, with features that support enterprise-level BDD collaboration, agile testing and continuous delivery.

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The ultimate Jira app. After installation import was easy, linking to existing Jira issues was seamless, tracking epic requirements to BDD test scenarios is fantastic. The Hindsight team is ultra-responsive. Could not ask for better. If you do BDD, this is the app for you.
— Mike Crowe, Zipit Wireless

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This is a great product, it makes collaboration over features and scenarios a reality by introducing a medium that’s accessible to all while offering a workflow that takes a team from story inception through technical implementation and CI. It’s what has been missing from BDD and is something that will make its adoption and use much smoother. In addition, the support provided by Alan and his team behind this product is excellent.
— Adam Pike, Dunelm