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With Behave Pro, Jira becomes the single source of truth.
Features include support for enterprise-level BDD collaboration, agile testing and continuous delivery.

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Scenario editor 

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Intuitive interface

Behave Pro is fully integrated and native to Jira. Agile team members write ‘Given When Then’ scenarios with Gherkin syntax to describe software requirements; it’s easy for BDD novices to collaborate, and more experienced BDD practitioners will save time.

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Intelligent step completion

Recognizing words as you type, Behave Pro reuses steps between different scenarios to create consistent domain vocabulary.

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Scenario outline detection

Behave Pro intelligently switches from scenario to outline when you add an example table.

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Automatic table formatting

Example tables table will be dynamically formatted to align columns and rows.

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Shared understanding 

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Ask questions about user stories

Anyone can ask questions to clarify the user story using the ‘Questions’ button, helping to remove any ambiguity.

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Approval for user stories

With the ‘Ready’ button, team members can confirm they understand the user story before development work begins.

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Track and notify scenario changes

Behave Pro keeps track of who changed what in the scenarios, with email notifications of any changes made.

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Multiple languages

English and 24 other languages are supported in Behave Pro.

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 Source code integration

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Two-way sync between Jira and Git

Scenario edits in Jira are published directly to feature files in your Git repository in real time, and feature file changes are synced to Jira.

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GitHub integration

With secure GitHub authentication via GitHub Apps, there’s no need for users to enter usernames and passwords which means VCS admins retain complete control over repository access. Currently available for Jira Cloud customers only.

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Bitbucket integration

Coming soon!

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Living documentation in Jira

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Link user stories to scenarios

Once a user story (Jira issue) is marked as complete, the carefully-crafted scenarios are not lost but stored by Behave Pro, grouped together by feature, as a living document.

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Powerful search

Full text search and filtering of features and scenarios within the living document allows teams to quickly locate important information.

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Generate a report between requirements and automated tests when strict compliance is required for projects in regulated industries, such as finance, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Agile testing

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Support for BDD automation tools

Create automated acceptance tests from feature files in your Git repository using your chosen Gherkin-compatible tool (Cucumber, SpecFlow, Behat), with full requirements traceability. Full synchronization between Jira and GitHub is available for Jira Cloud customers; for other Git repositories and Jira Server customers this is currently easily done with import/export.

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Exploratory testing

Agile testers can achieve a smart testing strategy that provides depth as well as speed, by balancing automated acceptance tests with Behave Pro’s built-in session-based exploratory testing tooling. With rapid notes, attachments, bug reporting, session reporting and time metrics, this tooling makes it easy to plan, prioritize and allocate test work and session charters to test high-risk product features, and easily document the results.

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Test reporting

Coming soon!

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