BDD Training - Test

With years of real world BDD experience, Hindsight offers two comprehensive training programmes to help your business adopt BDD, focusing on the different skills and techniques involved.

BDD Training - Test Automation

This course will give you a strong foundation in Cucumber-JVM, a rewrite of Cuke4Duke; the tool many Java developers use for writing and running BDD style acceptance tests. Through a series of practical exercises, we enable participants to translate scenarios into runnable acceptance tests using Cucumber-JVM and equivalent tools. You will also learn outside-in development to guide the creation of code and provide immediate tracking of implementation progress. 

Who is this course for?

We recommend participants have an understanding of writing Java code as all code examples and practicals will require basic knowledge. Participants do not require knowledge of any existing testing framework or library. 


  • Automating scenarios by writing Java glue code for Cucumber-JVM.
  • How to run Cucumber automated acceptance tests using both JUnit and Maven.
  • Managing features and scenarios, and selecting which test scenarios get run using Tags.
  • Writing set-up and tear-down code using hooks (@Before and @After).
  • Using WebDriver (Selenium 2.0) with Cucumber. Note this is not an introduction to Selenium WebDriver.
  • Continuous Integratio (CI) best practices for Cucumber-JVM.


This course can be run as a stand alone one day programme or combined with BDD Training - Team


Training can be provided in the United States and United Kingdom. 



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