We have 2 BDD games to offer


 This 10-minute challenges are used in our BDD training workshops and are designed to get the team thinking about the importance of collaboration and shared understanding. They also demonstrate how breaking larger tasks down can assist with giving a clear picture.

Hindsight Vertical Arrows.png
Hindsight BDD Game.png

BDD drawing game

This BDD game is used to demonstrate how issues can arise when requirements are not communicated effectively and aren’t clarified with other team members. The concepts of shared understanding and richer communication methods – such as face-to-face communication – are highlighted by using this interactive game.

The results of the game help to start a conversation around how BDD principles can help clarify software requirements from the start, rather than leaving development open to assumptions.

HS Spot the Difference 1 Page 1-1.jpg

Spot the difference

Our BDD spot the difference is used to demonstrate how issues can be hard to spot when looking through a particular project. Here we look to show how focusing on a particular feature before moving onto the next can be beneficial to save time for the whole team.

The results of the game help to show that getting the aspects right at earlier stages can save you time in the long run. It also demonstrates how splitting a project into smaller sections can make it seem more manageable and clearer to understand.


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